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Tough Jobs Require
Specialized Equipment

Champion Tree Work Can Handle Your Stump Removal Services In Harwich, Brewster & Yarmouth Port, MA

Cutting a tree down is only the first step in the removal process. Leaving the stump in your yard can cause more problems. It’ll be a tripping hazard and can attract pests. Get help from the professionals when you’re ready for stump removal services in Harwich, Brewster or Yarmouth Port, MA. Champion Tree Work can use a Bobcat utility vehicle to remove stumps from your property. Our equipment also handles brush clearing if you have extra clutter to get rid of. We can finish the job quickly without damaging your yard. We’ll leave the land clear for your next project.
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Champion Tree Work

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It's Amazing What A Bucket Truck Can Do

Not every tree cutting company has access to heavy-duty equipment. Champion Tree Work does. We’ll use a bucket truck and stump grinder to make short work of your tree removal. This lets us make precise, controlled cuts to the tree. Once it’s down, our machines can cleanly remove the stump. We’ll prevent damage to your home and lawn. Our specialized equipment can also handle debris and brush clearing.
Work with a tree company that has the tools needed to provide efficient stump removal services.

Heavy-Duty, Light Maneuvers

For some people, bobcats may only be known as small but tough wildcats. However, professional tree companies such as Champion Tree Work use small construction and maintenance vehicles, also known as diesel-powered Bobcats, that level dirt, break up concrete, move scoops of sand and earth, and clear land in Harwich, Brewster or Yarmouth Port, MA. Bobcats are versatile heavy-duty vehicles for residential and small commercial site work. These specialized gears are employed for clearing lots, removing trees, and performing other landscaping and construction tasks. Whether you’re looking to spread 100 yards of loam for a new lawn or remove dirt to produce a base for hardscape projects, our experts can assist.

Sometimes, surface soil needs to be excavated to a nearby dump site or removed when a lot of earth, dirt, and boulders use up functional real estate in demolition, excavation, tree removal, grading, etc. That’s when hiring professionals can be your best bet.
Champion Tree Work has specialized machinery and vehicles on stand-by for any nature and scale of the task. We can expertly figure out the appropriate machine and attachments, such as a bucket for moving dirt; or a grapple for capturing trees. Be sure to consult us if you are in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA, and we’ll have a quick look.

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Versatile Equipment for Versatile Work

No matter the landscape design or installation project, we’ve got you all covered. Champion Tree Work employs specialized machinery for clearing lots or executing site-clearing applications, such as a forestry cutter attachment. We use several types of bobcats to make your landscape design or installation project a success. Whether you’re looking to clean out tree lines or move dirt during construction projects, our experts in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA, can assist.

At Champion Tree Work, we have bobcat equipment to tackle nearly any type of commercial or residential project. We have multiple-sized machines, equipment, and attachments to complete nearly any job, including:

  1. Excavation: Excavating grounds for leveling, removing hillsides, laying foundations, and installing swimming pools.
  2. Digging: Helping you dig holes for footings, landscaping, posts, and fencing.
  3. Back-Filling: Our experts can help backfill dirt for grading and leveling
  4. Grading: Drag and transfer elements from one place to another – our experts can help you grade terrains.
  5. Leveling: The ground can be leveled for gardening and construction operations.
  6. Trenching: The machinery can dig trenches for irrigation, drainage, electricity, and water lines.
  7. Cleanups: Construction and landscaping waste can be cleaned up and disposed of in garbage cans or relocated.
  8. Landscape Removal: In preparation for a landscaping or building project, dirt, trees, bushes, and rubbish might be removed from the site.
  9. Debris Cleaning: Remove debris after clearing land and performing other cleanups – we’ve got you all covered.
  10. Other Clearing: Our equipment can be used to remove snow, mud, or sand, depending on your needs.
  11. Unloading Materials: We help you carry materials to a certain area and discharge them as required.

Champion Tree Work can help save you time and money if you need help with bobcat work in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA.

Debris Removal and Storm Damage Cleanup

If you’re looking for debris removal near Barnstable, give us a call today. Whether you have a field full of debris or too many trees around your property, we can clear them away and get to work swiftly. Bobcat clearing is a really effective and efficient technique to have things cleared out and cleaned up.

Excavation often entails the removal of dirt, rocks, and other waste. Excavation is required to guarantee that there are no delays in the entire structure of any project. The same is true for hauling; removing debris from the site necessitates the use of the proper tools and equipment. Our priority is the correct disposal of waste from your property. Our clients will not have to worry about excess dirt or waste material with our hauling services.

If you want to enhance your yard or begin a building project on your land, you can always hire Champion Tree Work to perform all of the hauling.

Toughest of the Tough Equipment To Remove Stiff Debris

The removal of large, stiff debris from customer sites includes a potential danger for both staff and customers alike. Therefore, we use heavy duty bobcat vehicles to take down large trees or remove debris while considering our employee well-being. Our equipment performs debris removal work beautifully over the long haul and are able to cater to large areas without any interruption. We’re rocking and rolling year-round cleaning the debris from construction and residential sites in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA with elevated safety.

Why Hire Champion Tree Work for Yard Debris Removal

When it comes to hauling up leaves and branches, our yard waste removal in Brewster is both reasonable and dependable, with appointments available at your convenience. Our bobcats are among the biggest in the business, allowing us to pack more waste and rubbish into a single load and make fewer trips. This will save you time and money while also assisting us in lowering our carbon impact.

Champion Tree Work is committed to using environmentally friendly methods of carrying and disposing of trash. Even if you only need a single bulk item, you can rely on our team to provide ethical, eco-friendly services at competitive prices.


Our experts develop a comprehensive plan while keeping your property and project needs in mind. In order to ensure 100% satisfaction, we incorporate your budget and project specifications in our plan to help you make the most out of our services.

Our plan specifies the scope of your project to help you attain the desired outcomes, whether you’re looking for debris removal or yard cleanup. Our bobcat work plan keeps your project structured and ensures that everything goes as it should.


Bobcat work is no child’s play – that’s why our professionals come fully prepared to make your tree debris removal near Harwich a success. Our staff has years of expertise and knowledge of handling heavy-duty bobcats on your property.

With our years of experience and proven record of providing bobcat work services to a range of clientele, we can handle any situation that may emerge in your yard, including tree debris removal and safe dumping. We have worked with hundreds of clients, making their project a success.

100% Safety

Safety is the foremost thing we’re concerned about in our services. We know how challenging and hazardous it is to perform bobcat work around a house or any commercial space. Injuries are likely to occur to people who are unfamiliar with this type of job. Because using heavy-duty lawn equipment, like bobcats, may be dangerous if used by amateurs. We have expert professionals who carefully use the vehicle to perform any debris cleaning work without any potential damage.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We remove junk from residential and commercial properties with 100% satisfaction. Whether you need yard debris removal after a storm to tidy up your lawn or need to clean hanging branches and broken limbs from a commercial parking space that could potentially damage the vehicles, simply call us. Our licensed in-house Bobcat operators will do the debris removal in Yarmouth Port, MA without sacrificing safety.

Let Your Lawn Be Tidy Once Again!

Whether you’re looking to revamp your old lawn or need to clean the debris after a storm, our bobcat service can assist. No matter the scope of the project, we do it all for you so you can bring your dream landscapes to life. One of our trained operators can make quick work of any landscape or demolition project with our bobcat service. Our operators are among the finest in the business. They have the ability, expertise, and understanding to provide prompt and reliable service for almost any project.

Some people feel they can do all cleaning tasks on their own but there are potential hazards involved and need professional help. This comprises retaining wall construction, grading, and excavation and transport. Certain constructions must be eliminated when giving a yard a new style and a more stunning outlook. Tree removal and the demolition of buildings such as concrete slabs and walls are occasionally required.

Let our experts at Champion Tree Work handle everything! We know how to operate a bobcat safely since we have been trained on all of the heavy machinery. When you hire our experts to care for your outdoor spaces, you can get rid of safety hazards, torn muscles, sunburns, and sore backs.

Hire experts at Champion Tree Work today and get affordable land clearing services to save time and money!

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There are usually stumps left after removing a tree. They will distract you from your house if they are left in this state. You may also wish to clear some small trees; that’s when a Bobcat may be the best solution for you. No one does it better than Champion Tree Work! We help you save time and money while ensuring that the ground is level for any landscaping you may want to be done.

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