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Trees can be a beautiful addition to any lawn. They’re also difficult to remove once they’ve grown large. Work with a professional tree cutter when you need tree removal in Harwich, Brewster or Yarmouth Port, MA. Champion Tree Work’s experienced crew can remove your trees without destroying your property. We can remove trees that are overgrown, leaning or fallen. We can also provide land clearing services if you need more space in your yard.
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3 Reasons To
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Don’t just let problem trees stick around in your yard. Get the most from your land in Harwich, Brewster or Yarmouth Port, MA with expert tree removal services.
Schedule land clearing work if you…


Want extra space for a new patio, deck or home expansion


Need to protect your home and family from falling limbs


Have damaged or diseased trees in your yard
We can remove trees of any size or shape. We’ll quickly remove dangerous and unappealing trees so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space worry-free.
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Caring for Your Trees Mean Caring for the Environment!

Tall and lush trees around your house can either make your landscape stunning or cause trouble in the future. No matter how beautiful or old your beloved trees are, they may occasionally contract diseases, sustain harm, or simply spread to the wrong locations. Keeping an eye out for warning signals will help you take care of your beautiful lawns and courtyards. That’s when hiring tree removal services can be your best bet.

Overgrown tree paths can be a severe environmental hazard, depending on where the tree is located. The roots can spread so far that they uplift concrete, causing significant damage to adjacent roads and pathways. In order to avoid damage to your trees and the environment, removing certain trees and foliage can help prevent serious damage. Champion Tree Work is here to assist with tree removal in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA.

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No Risks Grow Like a Tree!

Neighborhood trees are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and buildings. Public and private property removal must consider common pedestrian spaces, crosswalks, driveways, and hazardous power lines. Any tree can be a growing risk. Tree removal services are often carried out in a way that protects nearby residents’ lives and property. If you’re looking for safe tree removal, let our experts help. Champion Tree Work offers professional tree risk assessment and tree removal services in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA.

Our team helps you identify if a tree is irreparably damaged or infected. We use proven arboricultural techniques like pruning, trimming, and felling/thinning to help protect your property from damage. Our team has years of experience offering tree removal in backyards, park woody vegetation, greenways, and road verges. We ensure meeting the safety standards your local landscape architecture and urban forestry set.

Even moderately damaged trees can be destroyed in urban and busy areas due to the perceived risk of death from falling trees. Protect your landscape and property today – our professional tree removal in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA, can help.

Do You Need To Say Goodbye?

There are a few things to consider if your tree appears to be at risk of falling. If you can’t make a consultation immediately, we’ve listed some key observations to make today.

Pay attention to the entire tree, the ground, the trunk, and the crown of the tree. To determine whether your tree is hazardous or just a natural phenomenon that poses no harm to anyone’s safety, look for the following common issues:

  1. Tree Species: Tree species that regularly break or are subject to insect infestation may not be appropriate for your area.
  2. Tree Health: The tree will probably live if at least half of it is in good health. The tree may need to be cut down if more than half of its branches are diseased.
  3. Trunk Damage: Vertical fissures in the trunk could indicate illness. Large wounds that appear to have existed for long without ever healing are also
    symptoms. Another indication that a tree may need to be cut down is when a branch breaks off and leaves a stub that never grows back.
  4. Hollowness: Not every case of hollowness warrants tree removal. But you might need to pull it down if the hollowness exceeds 30%.
  5. Dead Branches: The tree may only require pruning if fewer than 25% of the branches have been harmed.
  6. Position of Dead Branches: When a tree’s dead limbs are concentrated on one side of the tree, it is frequently an indication of either a disease or root/trunk damage.
  7. Leaning Trees: The root system may break if the leaning is sudden, suggesting the tree could be dangerous. Even healthy trees that veer more than 15% from vertical plumb should be cut down for safety reasons.

Need help determining whether your trees need removal or not? Let tree removal experts in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA, assist. Schedule a call with us today to get a quote.

Save Your Property from Damage with Professional Tree Removal

The sickly tree in your backyard may be of great concern to you, and for all the right reasons. Its unusual lean, hollow trunk or fungus growth necessitates immediate attention. A severe storm or a windy afternoon could topple this weakened tree, harming your property. While some problems can be fixed by a professional, in some cases, trees are beyond repair and must be removed for safety reasons. Let our expert tree removal service near Dennis assist.

At Champion Tree Work, we will safely remove your tree using cutting-edge equipment and industry-best procedures. We are a locally owned and operated business with the backing of a widely renowned corporation, ensuring 100% safety and satisfaction. This enables our team to provide comprehensive services at a cost-effective price for you. Don’t let the sickly tree be a threat to your property’s safety, and let our experts take care of everything. We have years of experience helping our clients get rid of a tree that can no longer stand tall.

Our experts examine the whole situation that may occur when removing a tree, remaining prepared for anything that may go wrong and taking the required precautions to avoid it. We make the most of a terrible circumstance and make it worthwhile for you. We remove trees with minimum impact on the surrounding environment and expertly handle the entire process.

What is the Best Time of the Year to Remove Trees?

If a tree is bending, has upheaving roots, or poses a threat to you or a nearby property, call for the best tree removal service near Harwich immediately. You should have that tree evaluated as soon as possible, regardless of the season. You may also need to immediately remove trees that are diseased/infested and could damage other neighboring trees. That implies you should respond quickly if your tree has a pest, such as emerald ash borer, or a disease, such as oak wilt.

The best time of year to chop down a tree is in the winter or early spring when all of the leaves have dropped, and the limbs are clear of them. You may be concerned that the frozen ground will make it more challenging to remove a tree, but the warm ground is more easily disturbed. This implies that it may have an influence on the surrounding landscape. While the tree is being removed, the flora is kept protected by the frozen ground.

Our experts at Champion Tree Work know when’s the right time to get rid of a tree that screams danger! If you suspect that your trees are beyond repair and need immediate removal, give us a call today, and we’ll be right at your service.

How to Tell if a Tree Needs to Be Removed?

When a tree is diseased or decayed, its structural integrity is frequently jeopardized. Keeping the tree any longer may be dangerous, especially if it is close to the house. According to our experts at Champion Tree Work, here are a few signs to look out for:

Dead Branches

Dead branches may indicate that your tree is afflicted with a disease, bug, or other problems. The occasional dread limb is harmless (tree pruning is the solution for that), but a tree with multiple dead branches may indicate an underlying problem. Call our specialists right away if you find the bark is unbroken and securely linked to the branch, the branch is flexible, or the branches contain leaves and buds during the growing season. Large, dead branches can be dangerous in the landscape since a strong gust of wind can quickly knock them down.

Hollow Trunk

A hollow-trunk tree poses a menace to your property. If a tree is rotting or hollow inside, it needs to be removed. The hollow hole in the tree’s trunk may appear attractive, but it indicates that your tree is deteriorating or has interior damage. Falling tree limbs may also expose hollow cavities, which owls and squirrels love. If you see any fluffy heads coming out of your tree, it’s a clue that it’s hollow.

Insect Damage

While insect infestations do not necessarily destroy your tree, some insects, such as the emerald ash borer, can send your trees to the grave. Some insects, such as the banded ash borer, only harm dead or dying trees. If your tree shows evidence of insect damage, it could indicate that it has a pre-existing problem that necessitates removal. An insect could be to blame if your tree develops enormous silken tents on branches, egg masses, exit holes, or leaf damage. Insect damage implies it’s time to bid farewell to your old pal, your beloved tree.

Rotting Root

A tree suffering from root rot can be saved, but not always. Although aggressive treatment may cure the infection, an arborist may still recommend removal if the tree poses a safety issue. It is difficult to detect root rot symptoms. Why? Because you can’t see the underground tree roots, root rot symptoms match those of other problems. A rotting root can cause poor tree development, decaying branches, discolored leaves, developing fungus, and other symptoms.

If your tree has any of these symptoms, call our experts at Champion Tree Work today! We offer licensed tree removal services near Brewster, MA to help you protect your properties and enhance curb appeal.

Storm Damage Tree Removal in Yarmouth Port, MA

When storms strike, you can expect severe destruction. Major branches may be broken or damaged, foliage shredded or stripped, or bark torn or gouged. Storms have taken their toll on trees. Regardless of their age and sturdiness, the trees are harmed and become an eyesore that you want to eliminate. Homes and properties can be damaged (or even destroyed) by falling trees and limbs.

Storms can wreak harm in a variety of ways. Cracks in the tree trunk or branches, root injury, broken or dangling limbs, and leaning and falling limbs are all symptoms of a storm-damaged tree. In most circumstances, tree removal is the only way to protect yourself and your home from additional harm. That’s not all; a storm-damaged tree is vulnerable to infections and decay. As you may know, rotting wood is a breeding ground for fungi and other tree diseases. These diseases can quickly infect neighboring healthy trees, exacerbating the issue.

Our experts at Champion Tree Work can help! We have helped hundreds of clients with storm damage tree removal services, helping them eliminate potential hazards. We have certified arborists on our team to provide you with professional tree service solutions. Our experts understand the storm damage tree removal process and can remove broken trees, branches, and limbs from your yard. The method will be determined by your location, tree kind, and needs. Champion Tree Work is prepared to give custom tree solutions that promote healthy trees in Yarmouth Port, MA.

Why Choose Champion Tree Work for Tree Removal?

We care about both the environment and our clients. This implies that we deliver the greatest services because we believe that tree health services should be available to everyone. Pricing is kept as low as possible, and we always propose the most effective solutions for each individual circumstance. Whether your property faced storm damage or you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal, we can do it all for you by offering what’s best of the best. Champion Tree Work is a local tree removal service provider ensuring 100% satisfaction.

Prompt and Cost-Effective

Tree removal necessitates the use of special equipment, which you are unlikely to have around in your garage or shed. Acquiring these tools can be costly, and the amount of time it takes you to remove the tree may convince you that it’s worth paying for the convenience of having professionals do it for you. When you hire us, we come fully prepared as per your project requirements to help you remove trees safely and cost-effectively.

Certified Experts

We understand that certifications are vital as tree professionals. As a result, our professionals are completely certified and undertake rigorous training in order to provide our valued clients with safe and effective services. All of our professionals have at least three years of expertise and keep up to date on all elements of tree health care. You can rest assured knowing your project is in safe hands.

Licensed and Insured

Our specialists are completely licensed to conduct duties correctly and insured, so you have protection in case of accidents. If something goes wrong during a tree removal project, such as a branch falling on a shed, or a window breaking, we help you out. We’re pleased to provide a copy of our license that shows our qualifications to undertake tree service of any level.

Friendly Customer Service

We value our clients and strive to provide the best customer service to answer all their queries, concerns, and requests. No matter the time of the day, our customer support is available to help you out of any situation.

High Level of Expertise

We have a team of highly trained experts with years of expertise navigating the threats of tree removal. From operating heavy machinery and safely relocating incredibly heavy pieces to the ground (sometimes from hundreds of feet in the air) to comprehending the complexities of tree health and more, we do it all for you using our wealth of knowledge and expertise.

How can I prevent tree removal?

In many cases, tree removal is a last resort. If you take care of your trees by trimming, pruning, and cutting dead branches regularly, then you wouldn’t have to say goodbye to your beloved tree. Tree removal becomes necessary when your trees become subject to insect damage, decay, or more. In order to avoid these problems, look after your trees regularly.

Is there a way to save my diseased tree?

The most effective way to cure a diseased tree is to treat it as soon as possible. If you believe your tree has a disease, contact a tree service provider straight once to schedule an examination. An arborist may conduct a curative treatment, but if the tree has become severely weakened, they may recommend that it be removed. Keep in mind that some tree diseases have no treatment, and the infected tree must be removed as soon as possible to safeguard adjacent trees.

Should I remove a tree myself?

Falling tree limbs are big and unexpected, making for a perilous combination. A do-it-yourself strategy raises the likelihood of injury, property loss, and fatalities. Certified arborists are the most well-trained specialists. Tree care specialists understand many different tree species in a variety of conditions and have been educated in the safest and most effective methods of removal. Therefore, it’s highly recommended not to remove your tree yourself until you have the expertise.

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