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Large trees are impressive and beautiful, but they can also become dangerous. Limbs can break and fall off, damaging your home. Selective tree limb removal can take care of this threat early on. Call in a professional if you have tree limbs overhanging your home. Champion Tree Work has been providing tree cutting services to residents of Harwich, Brewster and Yarmouth Port, MA for 15 years. We’ll trim your trees and make sure they don’t pose a risk to your property.
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Champion Tree Work uses specialized equipment to handle every tree limb removal job. Our bucket truck has a 55-foot reach. We can access the largest trees and make precise cuts. We’ll remove the branches that pose a risk to your property so you don’t have to take down the entire tree.

If your tree has limbs that are…
  • Overgrown
  • Damaged
  • Diseased
  • Rotten
Give us a call. Our professional tree cutting services will keep your trees healthy and your home safe.

Why Hire Champion Tree Work for Limb Removal?

The process of tree limb removal involves cutting off the branches of either standing or fallen trees. The optimal time to accomplish this is three years after the tree was planted or as soon as the desired distance has been attained between the ground and the lowest limbs. When it comes to tree limb removal, hiring professionals in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA, is your best bet! Let Champion Tree Work assist.

Tree Limb Removal is necessary because your family and property may be in danger. If you do not remove limbs, tree branches eventually weaken and fall. Although it is not particularly difficult to remove large limbs correctly, caution is required. Trimming tree limbs can harm your tree and present other risks if done improperly. Champion Tree Work has years of experience offering tree limb removal services in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA. We ensure 100% client satisfaction – you can rest assured knowing professionals are doing the job for you.

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Reasons to Remove Tree Limbs

There are several reasons tree limb removal is necessary, including illnesses or insects in the tree limb. In most cases, removing a tree’s lower limbs makes it easier to maintain the landscape. As a tree grows taller, its branches retain the same distance from the ground. This proximity to the ground can restrict mowing and people moving around under the tree. It may potentially cause structural damage if not removed.

At Champion Tree Work, we understand how crucial it is to remove tree limbs to maintain your property’s safety. That’s why our experts are well-equipped with the tools and equipment to help you safely remove tree limbs. Schedule a call with us today to get a quick estimate.

When to Remove Tree Limbs?

In order to enhance your tree’s health, it’s best to start removing a few of the lower branches each year. However, the best time to do this is three years after the tree was planted and when the ideal distance from the ground to the lowest branches is reached. The ideal time for limb removal is during winter when trees are dormant, causing the least stress on trees without exposing the cut areas to insects and disease. When removing the limbs from the tree, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  •  Avoid cutting the limb too short: Trimming the branch as near the trunk as possible was common practice, but doing so can make your tree sick. To help the tree recover quickly, avoid cutting at the tree trunk and make the cut just before the branch collar. Cutting at the branch collar results in rotten holes in tree trunks and leaking wounds.
  • Don’t leave the tree limb too long: If you leave the tree limb too much past the branch collar, it will take longer for the branch collar to heal after the removal of the limb. Any lingering branches or stubs will hamper the healing process.

Get tree limb removal services in Harwich, Brewster, or Yarmouth Port, MA, today and make your trees stronger and healthier – Champion Tree Work is just a call away!

Remove Tree Limbs that are Overhanging Structures Today!

The problem with dead branches is that they gradually turn into dead weight and then deadwood. Aside from adding unneeded weight to your tree, dead branches might blow into your yard or even smash your windows when they dry out. When a storm hits, dead branches are frequently the first to fall. They are also more prone to breaking under the additional weight of snow after a snowstorm.

When you take off dead branches, you are assisting your tree’s structure and growth without causing undue stress. It is critical to ensure that your tree is healthy all year. If you’re noticing a dead limb on your tree, call our experts at Champion Tree Work today for a tree branch removal service near Barnstable.

Our experts have years of experience helping both residential and commercial clients get rid of dead tree limbs, so they can enhance safety, boost aesthetic appeal, and make their yards look beautiful all year round.

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What is the Best Time of the Year to Remove Tree Limbs?

The best time of the year to remove tree limbs is the winter season. Tree limb removal during the active growing season might stress your trees and induce more growth that will not harden before the temperature lowers. The winter months are ideal for tree limb removal since trees go dormant. Trees may mend faster since they have larger energy stores.

Many of the pests and diseases that may commonly infect trees through pruning cuts are also dormant throughout the winter months, making winter pruning an appealing option. However, for certain trees, winter is the only period to contemplate trimming. Oaks are a prime example since they are especially vulnerable to insect infestations and oak wilt, a highly devastating fungal disease.

If you’re looking for bucket tree service in Yarmouth Port, MA, call our experts at Champion Tree Work today. Our experts know when’s the right time to remove a tree limb that screams danger! If you suspect that your tree branches are beyond repair and need immediate removal, schedule a call with us today, and we’ll be right at your service.

Why is it important to remove dead limbs?

Eliminating dead branches allows the tree to regenerate itself, distributes nutrition to healthy branches, and makes the tree less sensitive to pests and diseases. Dead branches are harmful to the tree because they hinder it from mending correctly and allow pests and illnesses to infiltrate the tree. Therefore, it’s best to remove them.

How can you tell if a branch is dying?

There is a simple way for determining if your branch is dormant or dead. Find the very end of the branch and snap a twig to examine the insides. A living tree limb will be difficult to shatter and will most likely be elastic or fibrous. Its inside will be greenish and moist to semi-succulent. A dead limb, on the other hand, will snap easily and have a dry brownish inside.

Does removing dead branches benefit the tree?

Cutting off dead branches from a tree on a regular basis will benefit the tree’s health and vitality. Dead limbs that are still connected to a tree can be harmful because they prevent the tree from healing properly, allowing pests and disease to enter the tree.

Should I cut down a tree brunches myself?

Tree branches that fall are large and unexpected, making for a dangerous mix. A do-it-yourself approach increases the risk of injury, property loss, and fatalities. Certified arborists are the most knowledgeable experts. Tree care professionals are well-versed in a wide range of tree species and have been trained in the safest and most effective techniques of removal. As a result, unless you have the necessary experience, it is strongly advised that you do not remove tree branch all by yourself.

Why Should You Hire Champion Tree Work to Remove a Tree Limb?

We care about the environment as well as our customers. This indicates that we provide the best services possible since we feel that tree health services should be available to anyone. Pricing is maintained as low as possible, and we always recommend the best options for each unique situation. Champion Tree Work is a local tree care service that guarantees complete satisfaction.

Save Time and Money

Tree limb removal requires the use of special equipment that you are unlikely to have in your workshop or yard. Obtaining these tools can be expensive, and the time it takes you to remove the tree branches may convince you that it’s worth the money to hire experts do it for you. When you call us, we arrive properly equipped to assist you in safely and cost-effectively removing tree branches.

Friendly Customer Service

We respect our customers and aim to provide the finest customer service possible to address all of their questions, issues, and requests promptly. Our customer service is accessible 24/7 to help you take timely actions so you can avoid damage to your property and keep your yard safe.

Highly Experienced

We have a staff of highly qualified specialists with years of experience dealing with tree limb removal. We do everything for you, from running big gear and securely transporting tremendously massive items to the ground (often from hundreds of feet in the air) to knowing the subtleties of tree health and more.

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